News / 07 Apr 2023

World Health Day – Shared Decision Making for Eczema

Involving patients and caregivers in medical care decisions may improve control of eczema symptoms.

Yet around the world, this practice is uncommon according to our findings from a global survey. To mark World Health Day 7th April 2023, we are focusing on Shared Decision Making with ‘Global Patient Initiative to improve Eczema Care’.

You can improve your medical care and find a treatment that’s right for you by asking these three questions about treatment options in your next eczema care visit.

If you live with eczema, you may have choices to make about your eczema care. Ask your doctor these three simple questions to get the care that’s right for you!

Make the most out of your next medical appointment for eczema. Here’s how to partner with your healthcare provider/professional to come up with a plan that’s right for you! Identify Priorities – Communicate Them – Plan Together!

Patients and caregivers experience eczema differently and have their own goals and priorities for care and treatment. To help them, ASK them. For more guidance/tools on Shared Decision Making see the SHARE Approach from AHRQ.

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