Our Partners


Acknowledging all those who help

The work we do at Eczema Support Australia would not be possible without the generous support of our corporate partners, sponsors and foundations.

Our partnerships are built on trust, respect and with the best interests of our eczema community in mind.


Eczema Support Australia welcome new collaborative partners to join our community. Keeping our member needs at the core of all discussions, we create mutually beneficial agreements that best support the goals of both organisations.


Ambassadors are individuals that publicly advocate and fundraise on behalf of Eczema Support Australia. We could not do the work we do without the help and support of our amazing ambassador network!

Funding Partners

Eczema Support Australia partners with business and corporate organisations with shared values to support our members. This can be through sponsorship, cause-related marketing, workplace giving and philanthropic donation.

Government Partners

Eczema Support Australia works with the Australian government to further the development of Eczema Support Australia through grants, sponsorships and collaborative projects.

Strategic Alliance

Eczema Support Australia works closely with health associations and peak bodies to facilitate information and build brand reputation to members. We view these strategic alliances as important partnerships that helps to build credibility and provide valuable information to our members and the general public.

In Kind Services

This partnership offers in-kind services, such as marketing, product or benefits to members of our organisation. An in-kind partnership can be a once-off offer or an ongoing agreement with a defined end date in the future.

Our Supporters

We are very proud to be associated with, and to work with a diverse range of passionate, understanding and generous partners, supporters, and sponsors. Eczema does not discriminate and impacts many lives right across Australia. We are incredibly thankful for the support we receive.




Partner with us

We work closely with all our partners to build a brighter future to help support the thousands of people living with eczema

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