National Eczema Strategy

Eczema Support Australia has released a new report which reveals the devastating impact of eczema for nearly three million Australians – and is calling for a National Eczema Strategy.

Without a national strategy, Australians with eczema will continue to be lost in a treatment maze, which compounds the distress, pain and financial toll of the condition.

We are delighted that The Australasian College of Dermatologists has contributed the foreword  to our report which states: “A coordinated response will go a long way to ensuring all Australians with this condition have optimal and equitable access to treatment and care, which is why the College has no hesitation in commending this report – and the evidence for a National Eczema Strategy.”

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We would like to thank our supporters for the funding that has made this campaign possible. Eczema Support Australia received a major unrestricted grant from Sanofi Australia and financial support from Lilly Australia, AbbVie Australia and Pfizer Australia for education and communication.


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