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Eczema SUPPORT Australia  - Your Hands to Hold, aims to provide support to people in the Australian community experiencing a significant impact to their quality of life as a result of Chronic Allergic Diseases and/or Chronic Skin Conditions such as eczema.



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We aim to reduce social isolation, improve quality of life and overcome social and other barriers created by the condition, through a number of different activities, services and networks.

According to the National Allergy Strategy (Aug 2015), over 4 million Australians are affected by chronic allergic diseases, and the quality of life for patients and carers is severely impaired. This is a growing issue and all those suffering are in need of more support.



Originally named Hands to Hold, Eczema Support Australia was inspired by a family with twin boys who have severe allergies and eczema. Thanks to the initiative and drive of a friend, this family finally received wonderful community support, which has made all the difference.  All families and individuals dealing with these chronic conditions deserve our community support.



Eczema Support Australia is a support network only.  Information received from a facilitator or a guest of Eczema Support Australia, does not constitute medical advice.  You should seek independent medical or professional advice.