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We understand the challenges of living with chronic eczema.

We exist to provide practical support to reduce the feelings of isolation and manage your eczema journey.

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  • Advocate.

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Our vision is for Australians living with eczema to overcome difficulties and thrive in their community through connection, advocacy and information.

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Who we are

Welcome to Eczema Support Australia

Eczema Support Australia was inspired by a family with twin boys who have severe allergies and eczema. Thanks to the initiative and drive of a friend, this family finally received wonderful community support, which resulted in the formation of this organisation.

Eczema Support Australia Ltd is a national support network established in late 2015 and is an Australian Registered Charity.

Our support is based on the three pillars of Connection, Information and Advocacy.

Eczema Care Online Toolkit

Use our Online Toolkit to find out the best way to care for you or your child's eczema.

Hearing from others that understand life with eczema can ease the burden of isolation and bring our eczema community together.

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