Welcome To Eczema Support Australia

We have a vision;

Australians, living with eczema, overcome difficulties and thrive in their community through connection, support and understanding.

Our mission;

Provide connection between individuals and families which reduces the sense of isolation.  Connect members in need with appropriate resources and services to assist empowerment and effective management.

Support members in the journey of living with this complex, chronic condition by providing truly practical resources and services – psychological, social, physical and financial support.

Generate understanding, within family units, communities and the general public of the impact of eczema.




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Eczema SUPPORT Australia was inspired by a family with twin boys who have severe allergies and eczema.  Thanks to the initiative and drive of a friend, this family finally received wonderful community support, which has made all the difference.  All families and individuals dealing with these chronic conditions deserve our community support.  Here is the inspiration and outcome of our story.






Eczema Support Australia is a support network only. Information received from a facilitator or a guest of Eczema Support Australia, does not constitute medical advice. You should seek medical or professional advice.