Media, News / 19 Sep 2022

itchY – A New Online Platform Supporting Teenagers with Eczema

Eczema Support Australia launches new online platform supporting teenagers with eczema, itchY

Gold Coast based charity, Eczema Support Australia launches a new online platform, called ‘itchY’ dedicated to providing support and connection to teenagers living with eczema.

“Teenagers face their own unique set of challenges and often do not have people around them that understand the feelings of living with a chronic disease,” states Melanie Funk, founder and managing director of Eczema Support Australia. “We have created itchY to connect teenagers with other teens to help navigate through the emotional, physical and psychological affects eczema can have.”

itchY provides a safe and confidential online platform for teenagers to share and connect. Through a closed Facebook group, itchY will share tailored information, host online support meetings and promote access to ESA’s free professional psychological support program.

itchY is a collaborative venture with founding members, Dr Ranindu Abegunawardene and Rheanca Lincoln. Both Dr Abegunawardene and Ms Lincoln have lived with chronic eczema since childhood and are a driving force behind this collaboration with Eczema Support Australia.

“Eczema has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember; a relentless itch that has been by my side throughout my school years, during sporting pursuits, exams, at parties and all manner of special occasions,” explains Dr Abegunawardene. “As a doctor now, I hope to build my career around caring for patients suffering from skin conditions and I have been grateful to be involved in supporting my patients who, like me, are battling this chronic disease.”

Ms Lincoln recalls “I can’t imagine what life is like without eczema because that’s all I can remember. I have just had to work my life around it and learn how to manage it since I was a baby. Living with a chronic disease that is so misunderstood can leave people, especially young people, feeling isolated.”

itchY is Australia’s first online platform specifically dedicated to supporting teenagers with eczema. Request to join the itchY Facebook community here: