Practical Parenting / 01 Apr 2023

Free Video Resource for Families with Eczema

In Australia, up to 30% of children have eczema. Whilst the child’s suffering can be extreme, the impact on families is also tremendous and often unrecognised. It can affect sleep, relationships, schooling and sibling dynamics, to name a few.

In this video series, Practical Parenting for Eczema Families, Eczema Support Australia’s Managing Director, Melanie Funk provides an insight into the daily challenges faced by families with eczema and features wisdom and strategies from two renowned experts:

  • Dr Justin Coulson PhD: Co-host and parenting expert on Channel 9’s “Parental Guidance”, founder of and one of Australia’s most trusted parenting experts.
  • Dr Lauren Kunde: Dr Lauren Kunde is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatologists. She specialises in general dermatology and paediatric dermatology. Lauren practices in a Brisbane clinic and publicly at the Queensland Children’s Hospital.

While there is not aways an easy fix for the challenges that eczema brings, the videos shared below are packed with useful advice and tips from our experts.

Sleep Deprivation: Sleep deprivation is often discussed as the most debilitating aspect of eczema. Lack of sleep leads to big emotions, ineffective parenting, lack of intimacy for a couple, and distress for everyone in the family.

In this video discussing Sleep Deprivation, our experts offer their professional advice and provide strategies to support caregivers through these challenging times.

Behavioural Issues: There’s one thing for certain when it comes to raising children: from time to time, you’re going to experience challenging behaviour. Add a painful and irritable skin condition and watch those challenges multiply.

In this video, our experts explain how tantrums can have an effect on a child’s eczema symptoms and our parenting guru Dr Justin Coulson shares his 3 E’s of Effective Discipline to help manage Behavioural Issues.

Anxiety and Self-Esteem: Research suggests that children with eczema, particularly atopic dermatitis are more likely to experience bullying in school and social isolation because of activity restrictions due to the disease.

In this video, our experts present strategies to boost a child’s confidence that will help address Anxiety and Self Esteem in children with eczema.

Condition All Consuming: Caring for a child with eczema can become all-consuming for some parents. When eczema is severe, parents can experience significant distress as they search for a cure to ease the seemingly relentless pain their child suffers through.

In this video discussing Condition All Consuming, Dr Justin Coulson explains, ‘when you accept that eczema is in your life but it is not your entire life, you find some acceptance to move forward’.

Coping with Comorbidities: As if having a child with eczema isn’t enough, sometimes our children suffer additional challenges. These might be physical – like asthma – or psychological, like anxiety. Perhaps they could even be neurological – ADHD is an example of this.

In this video, our experts discuss strategies of Coping with Comorbidities and provide tips to build an environment where children can thrive and be better equipped to deal with additional challenges.

Eczema at School or Early Learning: When it comes time to hand over the care of your child to a school or early learning centre, it can be difficult.

In this video, discussing Eczema at School or Early Learning environments, we provide tips to share the care and get on the same page with the management and understanding of your child’s eczema.

Misinformation & Misunderstanding: There are lots of well-meaning, but ultimately uninformed, people who offer advice. Sometimes they’re random bigmouths on the internet. Sometimes they’re a loving mother or neighbour who really just wants to help. But how do you respond to misinformation?

In this video, our experts discuss how to handle Misinformation and Misunderstanding.

Relationships: Raising a child with eczema places tremendous strain on relationships. There can be struggles between siblings, between other children in day care and school as well as challenges with exhausted, stressed parents.

In this video, our experts discuss how to manage Relationships and present strategies to deal with these situations.

For further on-going support, please join our Families with Eczema closed Facebook group and find comfort with other caregivers who understand the challenges of managing eczema.