Media, News / 05 Aug 2019

The Reality of Parenting a Child with Severe Eczema

“A lot of people think of eczema as just a dry patch of skin. But for parents of children with severe eczema, the reality is very different.”

reports Mamamia

Kate tells Mamamia about the journey Brock has been on dealing with severe eczema.

“They turned red, then it spread, and it eventually covered him,” she remembers. “He actually looked like he had meningococcal. I felt sick to my stomach. When we took him to the hospital they said it was infected eczema that led to a staph infection.

I thought, ‘Oh my God, how can eczema be that bad?’”

It was the first of many staph infections for Brock. Because of the open sores on his body, he’s very susceptible. He can get a staph infection as often as once every six weeks.

“Once the infection gets into his body, he has to be in hospital pretty fast,” Kate explains. “It’s agonising. It’s very upsetting.”

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