News / 29 Oct 2018

Member Care & Connection Program Launched

Eczema Support Australia is excited to announce our Member Care & Connection Program – a support program for Australians living with eczema and/or allergies.

We want to ensure we provide practical support to our members. Everything we do is aimed at providing care, connection and understanding.

  • This Program is a way in which Eczema Support Australia can provide consultations with allied and medical health professionals. We know getting that initial help is difficult and expensive, but early intervention is best – especially when it comes to skin, allergy and mental health.
    • Starting with a program to access psychology consultations, we will fund the initial consultation with Kylie and her selected team at Axis then together we can work on a plan for future assistance where suitable.
    • Our aim for the psychology side of this program, is for our members to be able to access psychology/counselling services with a provider that has a strong understanding of the issues our members face. Each provider will go through an Eczema Support Australia orientation program.
    • As we develop more funding sources, we aim to expand this program to provide financial assistance to access other private medical professionals, products and services. We hope to get people help sooner than our public system might otherwise be able to deliver.
  • This is for every Eczema Support Australia member that is in need. There are no big hoops to jump through and as long as you are not a millionaire, financial need will be self assessed by the member (you).

Find more information and apply here.