News / 13 Feb 2023

Kids back to school? Download our FREE Eczema School Kit

Eczema School Kit – An Essential Resource for Parents, Caregivers and Educators

Designed to promote clear communication about the care of your child and their unique eczema needs, Eczema Support Australia have created an Eczema School Kit which includes a one-page printable document to outline your child’s medical action plan.

The primary purpose of the Eczema School Kit is to assist the parent or caregiver to delegate care responsibility of their child with eczema to their educator in an early learning centre or school environment.

Download the Eczema School Kit here.

School-age children with eczema often experience physical, emotional and educational struggles, which jeopardises their long-term well-being. The condition can lead to low confidence, absenteeism from school and isolation, while younger children in early learning are also at risk of adverse health and well-being when their needs are not met. Research shows eczema has a significant negative impact on education, social life and the family, with 20 per cent of children with the condition bullied and many left without basic healthcare and emotional support at school.

The Eczema School Kit has been developed in consultation with and endorsement by The Australasian College of Dermatologists and with the support of Eczema Support Australia’s international colleagues. Β The rollout of the kit has been financially backed by the Commonwealth – Department of Health.