Life Stories / 13 May 2023

Inspiring story of an eczema patient and eczema mum

Today we celebrate Mother’s everywhere.

One amazing mum within our eczema community we would like to introduce you to is Selvia. Eczema was no stranger to this medical doctor and mum of an older kid with atopic eczema when her younger child arrived. Yet her younger kid’s eczema challenged her previous experiences and her skills in managing and treating eczema. Becoming a full-time mother and eczema carer was something she hadn’t anticipated. Yet she is grateful for the way eczema turned her life around.

Here we share an inspirational story of how severe eczema can have a ripple-effects throughout your life, but you can also choose the turn it into a driver to do good in the world.

Describe your association with eczema and how it has impacted your life.Rhea And Mum 4

Eczema has impacted me personally, as a doctor with non-atopic eczema and as a mum having cared for her two kids’ eczema. There are different perspectives of eczema – that of patient, carer, family, doctor, research scientist, society and mine would be patient – doctor – mum.

There are different kinds of eczema. My daughter, Rhea experienced medication-resistant eczema which impacted my life negatively, but also transformed my life in a positive way by changing my perspective towards chronic illness management and life as a whole.

Share an experience where Rhea has used her eczema in a positive way.

Rhea actively shares her perspective of her eczema journey with the world through her writing and public speaking …I think it is quite courageous of her to put her emotions out there for the world very bravely…

What amazes you about the person Rhea has become – never letting eczema get in the way of achieving her potential.

I am amazed at how Rhea has inculcated a growth mindset. Her life was not normal and easy but she was never whiny to the world. Instead, she chooses to be kind and caring to everyone and do her best to make others’ lives around her a little better. It’s always a proud moment supporting her in her volunteering and advocacy endeavours which she thoroughly enjoys.

On Mother’s Day, what would you like to share with other mothers of children with eczema?Rhea And Mum 2

Dear Eczema mums, you are an extraordinary mum caring for your kid’s not just one disease – disabling moderate-severe eczema but associated multiple atopic diseases, day-night, years together. Whatever phase of eczema journey you’re in, don’t beat yourself up for your kid’s eczema.

It takes a different kind of parenting style for an eczema kid, unique to one’s life circumstances. So don’t let others’ judgements about you, your child, or your motherhood over-rule you. (I have been asked if I wasn’t ambitious enough to follow my career, denied help just because I was perceived to have all the time as a full-time mum, if my child really does have eczema, why my child does too many activities, my child’s emollient-stained clothes etc). You’re just doing what you can do in the worst of your circumstances. And that could be your best, your worst or simply weird. And it’s okay.

Remember – only you know your life, your pain and your eczema journey the best. So embrace your unique life that is not comparable to others.

Wishing every mum with eczema kid, inner peace, joy and the right kind of support on her eczema journey. Let’s keep counting our many little blessings of life. Happy Mother’s Day!