News / 18 May 2023

Annual Report 22: Accountability in 2022

Advocacy, information and connection have been the pillars of focus over the past 12 months for our patient support organisation. Following the challenges of COVID-19 and jubilation of our SOS advocacy campaign during 2020/2021, Eczema Support Australia focused on delivering real and practical support programs to our community in 2021/2022 financial year.

Our organisation has developed our capacity to deliver this real and practical support through a number of activities. Seeing these projects and programs delivered to our community has been incredibly inspiring and motivational for me personally as well as our growing team within Eczema Support Australia. Feedback from our community has also reassured us that our activities are needed and appreciated.

“The work that Eczema Support Australia does is nothing short of brilliant. It brings people together in private groups to share and learn together. It gives education, better that I have been able to get from the public health system, that is aligned with the most current medical understanding of the condition and available treatments. It gives support and most of all it gives us hope. Thank you again for all you do. Willingly and selflessly.” – Justin

As our world changed to more online connection, we have taken the opportunity to reach our widespread eczema community and connect with key stakeholders both nationally and internationally. The pandemic bought it’s challenges but it also brought opportunities to connect more on a virtual platform giving us the ability to work with people and organisations across Australia and internationally.

Eczema is a condition that still requires improved understanding of the social, physical and psychological impact and the management options. Increased awareness and information is paramount to improving the lives of Australians impacted by eczema. This year we have been building our capacity to deliver this understanding.

We understand the challenges of living with chronic eczema. We Care. We Listen. We Understand. We Act. We are here for you.

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