Media, News / 31 Jul 2023


Atopic eczema is one of the most prevalent skin diseases in the world and one of the most under-recognized. Atopic eczema is often dismissed as “just a skin condition,” and patients’ needs are not addressed in a supportive and timely manner.

The Atopic Eczema Community comes together every year on September 14th to raise awareness for the disease, to speak up about the burden it has on patients and caregivers, and to recognise the need for care and treatment that is reflective of the multidimensional nature of the disease.

On World Atopic Eczema Day 2023, we will focus on the psychosocial burden of living with Atopic Eczema. This year’s campaign will share the thoughts of people living with atopic eczema through the hashtag #IfYouOnlyKnew.

What would you want others to know about how eczema impacts your life? Submit your comment here.

We will combine the submissions and release a special video on World Atopic Eczema Day, Thursday 14th September.

Together we can foster greater understanding of this chronic disease.