Event, News / 12 Feb 2024

The Eczema Equation: Burden of Disease and Challenges in Management

As QHUB launches on the Medcast platform, we introduce our first topic, eczema.


The Eczema Equation: Burden of Disease and Challenges in Management – Tuesday 27 February, 7:30pm AEDT 

Dr Caroline West and Dr Li Chuen-Wong lead an expert panel to discuss how health professionals can overcome challenges in improving quality of life for patients living with eczema.

This live webinar will provide an up-to-date overview of eczema, focusing on the following:

  • Psychosocial impact and burden of disease.
  • Overview of eczema including challenging presentations.
  • Causes and triggers.
  • Common factors in treatment failure.
  • Upcoming QHUB eczema interventions and the eczema program.

Learning Objectives:

  • Address the psychosocial impact and burden of eczema on patients and families.
  • Discuss with the patient and carers common triggers and self management strategies to improve outcomes.
  • Identify individual concerns and address myths and misconceptions associated with topical corticosteroid use.
  • Agree on and implement a person centred action plan to improve eczema management.

Expert panellists include Melanie Funk, Director – Eczema Support Australia, Dr John Rowlands – General Practitioner and Natalie Tasker – Paediatric Hospital Pharmacist. Learn more and register to attend this webinar here.

About the QUM Eczema Program

The impact of eczema on individuals and their families is substantial. Beyond the physical symptoms, eczema also brings psychosocial burdens that reduce well-being and quality of life. Person-centred management of eczema is at the centre of the Quality Use of Medicines Alliance Eczema program. Working with consumers and medical experts, we have developed a range of evidence-informed education interventions and resources to support improved quality use of eczema medicines and treatment strategies. Find out more here.


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