Connection, Advocacy, Informations

We understand the challenges of of dealing with chronic eczema.  Our vision is for all Australians living with eczema to overcome difficultites and thrive in their community through connection, advocacy and information.

Our organisation is guided by these three guiding pillars.

  1. Connect Australians affected by eczema to others to reduce feelings of isolation.
  2. Inform and educate Australians affected by eczema to successfully manage their condition.
  3. Advocate for practical support to improve the lives of Australians affected by eczema.

But most of all – We Care. We Listen. We Understand. We Act.

We are here for you.

Helpful Resources

Information Sheets

Become a member and browse and download our wide range of information sheets, fact sheets and other brochures. These resources are designed to help you better understand and manage eczema.

Eczema at School

Our E-Learning course contains information about eczema including what it is; what causes it; potential triggers; myths; impact of eczema; tips, school kit and specific classroom scenarios.

The School Kit has been designed to be informative and promote productive conversations for the health, well-being and education of children with eczema.

Psychology Support

Our members are able to access psychology/counselling services with a provider that has a strong understanding of the issues our members face.

Stay tuned for our online resources "Practical Parenting for Eczema Families"

Get Connected

Connect with those that understand.  We have two specific closed Facebook groups to facilitate a supportive eczema community.

Meetings, News & Events

Eczema SUPPORT Australia recognise that social isolation is a significant issue for many of our eczema community members.  We also understand the need for reliable information and support. 

Stay connected via our membership, social media and our News and Events section on our website for information, advocacy and connection.

Other Helpful Links

We are a support network with a focus of providing emotional and practical assistance through our community support. Therefore, we have provided links to a few websites that you may wish to review for further information;

Free Membership

Did we mention that our membership is free? Join now.