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Connection, Support, Understanding

Provide connection between individuals and families which reduces the sense of isolation. Connect members in need with appropriate resources and services to assist empowerment and effective management.

Support members in the journey of living with this complex, chronic condition by providing truly practical resources and services – psychological, social, physical and financial support.

Generate understanding, within family units, communities and the general public of the impact of eczema.


Support Group Meetings

Eczema SUPPORT Australia hold face to face and online (webinars or web-meetings) in order to build connections, support and understanding among our eczema community. SGM may focus on topics of interest and will vary from group to group (eg; Adults with Eczema may discuss the impact on social/work life, while a group of young families may discuss the management of eczema in the school or early learning environments).

Informational Meetings

Events and webinars featuring qualified guest speakers assists in building understanding of some tricky topics. Whether it be psychological management, dermatologists or other specialists it is good to hear from the experts that also understand eczema.

Social Meetings

Eczema SUPPORT Australia recognise that social isolation is a significant issue for many of our eczema community members. Having opportunities to socialise and connect with those that understand can be uplifting and empowering.


Psychology Program

Our members are able to access psychology/counselling services with a provider that has a strong understanding of the issues our members face. Members in need can be provided with *3 psychology consultations, subsidised by ESA (*subject to funding resources). Each provider will go through an Eczema SUPPORT Australia induction.This can be utilised by the member with eczema/allergies or even a family member.


  • Happy Hands

    An activity based club for 5-10 years old.

  • Teen Connect

    A connection and empowerment opportunity for our older children to thrive.

  • Adults with Eczema

    Although children are over represented in the statistics regarding atopic dermatitis, it does not mean that adults are never affected. The psychological, physical and financial impact of eczema in adults is significant and often different to young families living with the condition. A separate connection opportunity and support is often needed.

Help Link

We will have a booking link for you soon. In the meantime, contact us on to book in a time and topic. We will organise an appropriate volunteer to get in contact with you as soon as we can.

Eczema at School

Eczema School Kit

We have a package of resources available to help prepare you, your eczema child and school staff for the early learning centre or school environment.

Ecourse (coming soon)

Professional development courses are available through ESA to provide an induction into the world of eczema / atopic dermatitis to all professionals dealing with our members.

Useful Links

We are a support network with a focus of providing emotional and practical assistance through our community support. We do not give medical advice or generate our own medical information. Therefore, we have provided links to a few websites that you may wish to review for further information;

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