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#SOS #SaveUsFromEczema Campaign

For too long, eczema has been dismissed as “just a bit of itchy skin”.

It’s only when you experience severe and unrelenting eczema that you understand how truly maddening and exhausting it can be.


You may have a child with severe eczema and know the heartbreak of seeing them suffer. Or you may have lived with eczema all your life and be desperate for new treatment options.

It’s time to let everyone know the real pain, distress and life - changing impact of severe eczema. No one with severe eczema should suffer in silence.

It’s time people with severe eczema had access to better support and new treatment options. That’s why we’re sending out an S.O.S on behalf of all Australians impacted by eczema

Why S.O.S?

S.O.S is a universally recognised distress call. For our campaign, it also stands for Share Our Stories and Save Our Skin.

Our campaign doesn’t reinforce preconceptions around eczema as a skin irritation – but speaks to the physical and emotional distress caused by severe and unrelenting eczema.

What are we calling for?

We believe that no one should have to go through the agony of uncontrolled eczema.

We need greater understanding, better access to dermatologists, more support services, improved treatments, and ultimately more research to end eczema.

Most unfairly, there are breakthrough treatments for eczema available overseas that are not on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme in Australia. This means they are unaffordable for most people … and this needs to change.

How can I get involved?

Share Our Stories

We want to help people share their story and highlight the impact of eczema. We will use these stories and messages on social media and with the media.

If you’re willing to share your story, tell us how eczema has impacted you and your hopes for improved treatment by emailing us on . We will make contact to discuss how best to share your story.

Let’s get our voices trending on Social Media

Join us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to like and share S.O.S campaign messages and build the Eczema Support Australia community. We need your support.

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Help send an S.O.S to the Federal Government:

We also want to send targeted messages to Federal Members of Parliament – the people who make decisions on the funding of new medicines and research. If you have severe eczema, or if you care for someone with severe eczema, please complete the following sentence in 30 words or less: “I’m sending an S.O.S about severe eczema because …”

If you are happy for this message to be sent to your Federal MP, email us at along with a photo, your name, age, contact details and Federal Electorate. We will make contact to discuss your message and share it with your Federal MP.

No one with severe eczema should suffer in silence.
Please Share Our Stories and send an #SOS to the Federal Government
so that more can be done to #SaveUsFromEczema


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