School Kit

Supporting Children with Eczema

Eczema Support Australia has developed an Eczema School Kit for Parents, Caregivers and Educators.

The School Kit has been designed to be informative and promote productive conversations for the health, well-being and education of children with eczema.

The main purpose of the "Kit" is to assist the parent/caregiver to delegate care responsibility of their child with eczema to their educator in an early learning centre or school environment.

Three versions of the "Kit" available for download are:

• Parent / Caregiver
• School / Early Learning Centre
• Complete School Kit (contains components 1 and 2)

Below are the contents of each "Kit".

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For Parents / Caregivers

The Parent / Caregiver “Kit” includes:

  • A Guide for Speaking to Schools / Early Learning Centres
  • My Eczema Support Needs Form
  • Medical Action Plan

Use this kit to prepare for a meeting with your school or early learning centre. We also recommend using the booklet and forms in your initial discussion with educators to explain your child’s specific support needs.

There are blank templates for you to use and examples of completed documents as a reference for filling in the templates.

Parents Kit

For Educators

The Educator’s "Kit" includes:

  • Eczema School Tips
  • In the Classroom consisting of:
    • Potential Triggers
    • Triggers & Solutions

This "Kit" is designed for awareness of potential eczema triggers in a school or early learning centre environment. It assists in identifying potential triggers and provides simple solutions to prevent and/or care for a child’s eczema outbreak.

We also recommend using the booklet and forms in discussions with parents/caregivers to identify the child’s specific health support needs.

Educators Kit

The School Kits are provided free of charge Australia wide by Eczema Support Australia.