Henry - Adult Sufferer

22 Feb 2017 5:02 PMAdministratorHenry - Adult Sufferer

As a lifelong eczema and allergy sufferer, you could say the condition has shaped who I am as an adult. My way of handling the physical torment, childhood bullying and lack of awareness, was to develop a ‘thick skin’, however, forever conscious of the constant skin shedding and bleeding, as well as discomfort, in social situations. The emotional support and understanding which Hands To Hold will offer to sufferers, is much needed and greatly welcomed.


Shona – Mother

22 Feb 2017 5:00 PMAdministratorShona – Mother

We have shed many tears of pain, frustration, sadness and irrational guilt. Meeting other families living our kind of 'normal' has been amazing. The simple knowledge that someone else is experiencing the exact same thing is incredibly powerful and reassuring


Annie & Stuart - Parents

22 Feb 2017 11:19 AMAdministratorAnnie & Stuart - Parents

3 years ago our lives changed dramatically with the arrival of our son and his severe allergies. The daily struggles, plus a couple of traumas were overwhelming and led to a hermit like existence. Finally there is Hands to Hold, to support families like us and understand our challenging journey. It gives us hope.


Anne - Grandparent

22 Feb 2017 11:16 AMAdministratorAnne - Grandparent

Despite being an experienced registered nurse, it was not until I lived the daily (and nightly) struggles with my twin grandsons and their mum that I fully understood the debilitating, exhausting and stressful situation that comes with severe eczema and life threatening allergies. More understanding, education and support is desperately needed for these families.

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