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How Eczema SUPPORT Australia can help you

Eczema SUPPORT Australia can help support families who have a child with eczema or adult individuals with eczema somewhere to refer families you feel could benefit from support or meeting others in the same situation.

We aren’t all medical professionals, we leave that bit to you,but we understand the challenges of dealing with chronic eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis. We also understand the challenges of living with other atopic or allergic conditions.

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We will provide connection between individuals and families which reduces the sense of isolation. Connect members in need with appropriate resources and services to assist empowerment and effective management.

Support members in the journey of living with this complex, chronic condition by providing truly practical resources and services–psychological, social, physical and financial support.

Generate understanding, within family units, communities and the general public of the impact of eczema.

We have built strong relationships with evidence based health professionals and aligned support organisations.

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Schools & Early Learning Centres

Schools and Early Learning Centres can often be challenging environments for a child with eczema (atopic dermatitis).There are many things that can trigger eczema in the school environment and children can be bullied because their skin is different.It may be difficult for them to participate in all school activities and their concentration levels in class may be short due to sleepless nights and feeling itchy and sore.

Some children with eczema miss many school days due to infection, hospital appointments and skin flares.

We work with schools to help them understand the impact of eczema on a child and what a school can do to help. We also support parents/carers when their child is struggling at school. We can help a family identify small changes that could be made at school to make a big difference to their child’s ability to learn and participate.

How we support schools and parents/ carers:

  • Practical resources for families and schools
  • Eczema orientation for school staff

If you have a child with eczema in your school please let the family know about us or contact us yourself if you would like to make an informal referral (we need the parent/carer to have consented to this).If you would like leaflets for your school or to talk about an eczema orientation please email .

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As a benevolent and primarily volunteer based organisation, we are keen to work with like minded people. If you would like to get involved, please contact us via this registration form.

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