Avene Product Assistance Plan (APAP)

9 Apr 2017 3:16 PMAdministrator
Avene Product Assistance Plan (APAP)

Practical support is on it’s way! At least 3 months worth of support!!  At Hands to Hold, our goal is to reduce social isolation, improve quality of life and overcome social and other barriers created by the condition through a number of different activities, services and networks. One of these services is the provision of practical resources/products that may assist those in need. Thanks to Avene Australia, we can now offer 3 months supply of Avene Soothing Care products - T&Cs apply.

Our sponsor, Pierre Fabre Australia (Avene Australia) has agreed to help Hands to Hold provide some practical assistance through the three month supply (approximate time frame) of Avene Soothing Care products to a limited number of families/individuals.  This assistance plan is named “Avene Product Assistance Plan” (APAP). 

See our APAP Overview for Guidelines and Application information

Successful applicants of the APAP will be sent a supply, of Avene Soothing Care products which include; XeraCalm Cleansing Oil 400ml, XeraCalm Cream/Balm 200ml, Cicalfate Repair Cream 40ml and Avene Thermal Spring Water 150ml.  We are very grateful to Avene Australia for being our first contributor to our Product Assistance Plan.

NB; Sponsors do not influence the policies and principals of our organisation.  Hands to Hold does not endorse products, services or treatments offered by our sponsors.  Please consult your doctor for all medical advice.

Hands to Hold is a support network only. Information received from a facilitator or a guest of Hands to Hold, does not constitute medical advice. You should seek independent medical or professional advice.



An application process will determine how the Avene products will be distributed to members.

A strong application will demonstrate the following:

  • Proof that the applicant has chronic conditions that may benefit from skin soothing products.
  • A genuine need in terms of physical, psychological or financial hardship.
  • All applications will be reviewed within 4 weeks by our APAP (Avene Product Assistance Plan) Selection Committee.

All applications that meet the minimum requirements of eligibility will go into a draw (number drawn will be based on resources available at the time) to determine the successful recipients.  Any applications that are not drawn will be eligible for future draws (as resources become available).



To go into the draw for available resources, you must meet the following three criteria;

  1. Assistance is available for Australians residents of any age, who have a significant impact to their quality of life as a result of Chronic Allergic Diseases and/or Chronic Skin conditions.
  2. You must submit a completed application form along with supporting letters
  3. You must be a ‘member’ of Hands to Hold and have been actively involved with the organisation, Hands to Hold. 

Membership is free and is available through completing a very short website form.  You can choose to leave the membership at any time by contacting us directly.

The meaning of “actively involved” may include the following; attendance to Group Support Meetings, communication with Hands to Hold via Social Media (eg, Facebook), attendance to Hands to Hold events or involvement with a health care organisation in communication with Hands to Hold (eg referred to Hands to Hold by a Dermatology/Immunology specialist/hospital ward or other relevant care provider).

In most instances, you’ll also require supporting letters from relevant professionals (e.g. Specialists, GP).



1. Applications may be made on behalf of an individual or carer dealing with chronic allergies or chronic skin conditions.

2. Applications may be made for resources to assist an individual.

3. The following information must be attached to each application:

  • A completed application form
  • A letter from a medical doctor/specialist outlining the medical conditions in relation to chronic allergic diseases/chronic skin conditions.
  • A letter from the applicant or their carer/parent outlining why this support is needed.  Please include anything you feel is relevant in relation to physical, psychological or financial hardship. If you are not comfortable writing a letter, we are happy to discuss your application verbally over the telephone.

4. If assistance is obtained:

a. Once the resource has been delivered, the ownership is transferred directly from the supplier to the recipient or their carer.

b. When the resource is no longer necessary for the recipients, and if the item is an unused and unopened over the counter pharmaceutical items, Hands to Hold asks that the carer or individual concerned give the product to another suitable recipient.

Here is the APAP APPLICATION FORM For further information, please email contact@HandstoHold.org.au or call Melanie Funk on 0400108153.