2021 World Atopic Eczema Day – Photo Exhibition


TODAY is WORLD ATOPIC ECZEMA DAY! With well over 1 million Australians living with eczema we believe it’s important to share our voice on World Atopic Eczema Day.

Australians living with eczema should not suffer in silence. We want to thank all our members who shared their voices. We hope that this short video will generate understanding and encourage those who are living with eczema in Australia and the world.

#ThisIsEczema video – click here



Eczema sufferers share emotional stories for Atopic Eczema Day

Over 120 Eczema sufferers from across Australia and around the world have shared photos and stories of what it’s like living with eczema, as part of an awareness campaign to mark World Atopic Eczema Day on 14th September 2021. 

The photos submitted as part of the #ThisIsEczema campaign have been arranged into an emotional video, to be released via the Eczema Support Australia social media pages today, highlighting the far reaching effects of the condition which affects 1-in-5 children and 1-in-10 adults.

Among the 128 heartbreaking photos and experiences shared were countless stories of babies and young children who had struggled to receive treatment and care to reduce the pain and severity of their symptoms. 

One story was from Breanna Elston, whose daughter’s eczema flared at just 3 months of age. By 5 months she’d been to the Emergency Room twice. 

“After the second trip to the Emergency Room we were taught to wet wrap and it drastically improved her condition and our lives.” shared Ms Elston

“The photo I chose to submit for the campaign was one of my daughter smiling to show that even in the worst of it, you can find happiness,” said Ms Elston

“I have photos of her red-raw lying in a hospital cot, and also passed out in my arms from exhaustion from not sleeping for 3 days. But the photo I chose to submit was of our baby girl, going through an itchy hell and still finding it within herself to smile,” she said.

Adults were also represented in droves. Many suffer isolation due to their condition, some having to leave jobs or relationships. 

Lauren Isdale, is among the 1 in 10 adults in Australia who suffer the condition and bravely shared her photo and story.

Lauren described herself as a defeated woman.

“I have given up my career. I have had years of no sleep, constant discomfort and excruciating pain,” she said. 

“I have more often than not, hated my appearance and felt isolated because of my looks. I have suffered failed treatments and horrific side effects. My image depicts what pleading and praying for any kind of relief from eczema looks like”, said Ms Isdale. 

Melanie Funk, founder of Eczema Support Australia and all involved in #thisiseczema campaign have spent many hours of the last month, contacting sufferers who submitted their story in an effort to ensure they were connected to support and resources that can help their condition.

“It is our mission to help every Australian with eczema overcome difficulties and thrive in their community through connection, advocacy and information.” said Ms Funk.


“Through campaigns like this, we can help raise awareness for sufferers and we can also engage and connect them to a network and a community that can offer support and services to relieve their pain.”

For the full video compilation of the submission received for the #thisiseczema campaign, vist: https://youtu.be/1b8FRW6FSaE.